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Quids In Cooking is your online resource for budget friendly meals.  I am Becky & i am the creator of Quids In Cooking From Pot To Plate. My passion is cooking, baking and growing my own food. I created this site because i believe cooking should be fun and what better way to enjoy something to start from the very begining and watch it grow. This site it to share my ideas, knowledge and recipes in the hope that i can at least inspire or help one person who may be struggling to live on a budget or who wants to get creative and grow their own. Find out more About us.


Browse the Quids in Cooking From Pot To Plate recipe collection for your next meal inspiration. From delicious homemade pasta, hearty beef stews, fragrant currys to cookies and cakes. We have an ever growing recipe collection for you to browse. View Recipes


If you are in the mood to while away the hours then visit our blog. Some might say that it is the insane ramblings of a nearly 40 year old with a hint of cooking and gardening and who are we to judge? To be honest they are probably right!! But what you will get is a touch of humour, a hint of realism because life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes you try something and it just goes wrong and in some cases very wrong and what better way to make people feel better than for them to see your epic fails because life is easier if we all laugh together. See our Blog

About Us

The insane ramblings of a nearly 40 year old with a hint of cooking and gardening thrown in for good measure.

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