Cheese & Smoked Bacon Turnovers

I woke up this morning absolutely ravenous, I had a big lunch yesterday and by the time dinner rolled by I wasn’t hungry. My 7am alarm boomed out of my phone and my insides were suddenly awake rumbling at the thought of food.

I have been trying to be good, to lose a few pounds but this week I have fallen off the wagon, rolled down a hill into a ditch and into a muddy puddle. After a quick weigh in I decided I need to haul my bottom back up the hill and get back on track.

The problem this morning was that I didn’t want eggs, they just had no appeal, do you ever get that? You look at food and there is no joy? No desire to eat it….so I resorted to a quick rummage in the fridge. Ah ha! I exclaimed to one of the cats who had absolutely no interest in what I was saying “puff pastry!” A quick rummage further and I found some delicious thinly sliced smoked back bacon and some lighter mature cheddar. 20 minutes later voila.

This is a very cheap and cheerful breakfast for adults and kids. It feels like a delicious treat but cost wise it is only 60p per serving. It can be easily turned into lunch or dinner served with a salad or some homemade chips and vegetables. The possibilities are endless.

80g slice of ready rolled lighter puff pastry – £0.21
15g Grated Mature Cheddar Cheese – £0.07
2 Rashers of Smoked Back Bacon (fat trimmed) – £0.31
2 tsp tomato puree – £0.01

Total cost per portion – £0.60

1) Preheat oven to 220, place bacon on baking tray and cook in preheated oven turning twice. Depending on the thickness of your bacon it will take between 10 and 20 minutes so its important to keep an eye on it as bacon turns from uncooked to cooked very quickly!

2) Measure out a 80g slice of ready rolled puff pastry. Approx 16 x 10 cm. Keep the pastry on the greaseproof paper it comes wrapped in to cook or transfer to a fresh sheet of greaseproof paper, your pastry will not stick and it also makes cleanup easy.

3) Spread the 2tsp of tomato puree across the puff pastry, add the cooked bacon and grated cheese.

4) Fold two opposite corners towards the centre of the pastry overlapping one slightly over the other. At this point you can choose to lightly coat the pastry in egg, I didn’t do this as I feel like its a waste of an egg in this instance as the pastry tends to go golden brown anyway.

5) Turn the oven down to around 200 and place the turnovers in the oven. They will take around 10-15 minutes so keep an eye on them & enjoy!

Please remember costs are rough estimates and these will change depending on time of year or where you shop. Where possible supermarket own foods are used for costing purposes.

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