Cheese & Chilli on Toast

Breakfast. Simple cheese and chilli on sourdough toast. Normally I wouldn’t have sourdough in, this recipe doesn’t require any speciality bread. You could do it on a bagel, on a slice of wholemeal or white bread, on a crumpet if you wanted to. Its about using what you have in.

We only have the sourdough as we were on a hunt for advent calendars after they were not in stock on my weekly shop. Yes I am thirty cough-cough years old and yes I still insist on an advent calendar! We stumbled into M&S and the smell of the bakery wafted across the store. It honestly smelt divine. We walked out with this delicious crispy sourdough.

2 Slices Sourdough – £0.40
30g Cheddar Cheese – £0.13
1 x Chilli – £0.13

Total Cost – £0.66

If using normal bread (cost 6p for 2 slices) the overall total cost comes down to £0.32 a serving.

1) Lightly toast the sourdough/bread both sides in the toaster.

2) Top with grated cheese and chopped chillies.

3) Cook under the grill until the cheese melts and starts to turn golden brown in places.

If you want to throw caution to the wind, try adding a soft boiled egg on top too for a protein rich breakfast.

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