FUNDAY SUNDAY – What is in your camera roll?

I am a bit of a worrier. I always worry that I am going to say the wrong thing or post the wrong picture to the wrong group on Facebook or in particular on this blog. I don’t know why! It is an irrational fear I guess, that one day I will post a food pic to a DIY group and people will be so confused but too polite to point out what I have done. Or that moment when I accidently post quidsincooking dishes on my own personal timeline and don’t realise until someone comments and I recoil into the depths of my brain as however much I love writing this blog I like the anonymity it brings.

It turns out there are 3 main things I tend to take pictures of, granted there are lots & lots of screen shots of food ideas, potential house decorations, new kitchen gadgets I want to buy and funny memes but looking at the current 1300 pictures on my phone there are definitely a few common themes!

Food – Of course, I would not have started a food blog if food was not a passion of mine. Even if I am not going to post it I often snap a picture or two to remember a delicious meal for the future.

Cats – I have 2 cats with my husband and they are spoilt rotten every day. But I love them both with all my heart…. my husband isn’t bad either.

Walking – When we moved we were fortunate to move to an area that is full of fields, hills, pathways & woodland. Its beautiful and I love nothing more than getting out for an hour, to clear my head and admire the views.

What are your top picture groups? (Nothing rude please 😂) let us know below.

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3 thoughts on “FUNDAY SUNDAY – What is in your camera roll?

  1. Cats and food? Looks like your camera roll has it’s priorities in order, lol :).
    Right now, I have lots of food pictures too, but tons of pictures of all my written HW (b/c of online school).


    1. I completely agree. Taking pictures of the outdoors is so very satisfying. Gets you back to nature. Thank you for commenting and if you can please like us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter just search quidsincooking. Thanks!

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