FUNDAY SUNDAY – Kitchen Gadgets

Happy Sunday to all, I hope everyone is having a good one, whatever you may be doing.

You don’t need many kitchen gadgets to be able to cook healthy low cost meals. But I love them…. I am a bit of a kitchen gadget and appliance fiend. You name it I probably own it or have done over the years.

As a bit of #FundaySunday fun here are my top 5 kitchen gadgets and appliances.

1) Slow Cooker. I think even if you are not a gadget person you should have a slow cooker. You can pick them up for less than £15 during the year and they can be a life saver when it comes to cooking healthy low cost meals. Plus you can come home to a delicious hot meal ready to eat. What can be better than that?

2) Stand Mixer- i was very fortunate about 8 years ago my then parter (now husband) clubbed together with my family and bought me a Kenwood Barcelona K Mix. It is my one true love in the kitchen. Sadly it has stopped working 😦 but I am sending it off to be hopefully repaired (everyone please cross your fingers as its my pride and joy) It is a beast of a machine and I use to it make delicious cakes, cookies, pizza dough and so many other things. I hope it can be repaired otherwise I will have to start saving my pennies for another!

3) Mandoline Slicer. Its such a fantastic & cheap item but it is so useful. The blade is ridiculously sharp to which I can attest as I sliced my knuckle off once 🤢. Its a great kitchen tool to make uniform thin slices.

4) Electric Grater and Slicer. Another gadget i have had for about 10 years now. This is a Tefal Fresh Express. It has 5 cones – a course and fine grater, 2 slicers and a hard cheese grater. I use it mainly as an electric cheese grater because it is so much cheaper to buy a block of cheese and grate it rather than buy pre grated cheese, but you can use it to slice or grate vegetables too. As you can see it is falling apart a bit now, the graters are starting to crack and the paint is flaking off but I will continue to use this until the day it decides enough is enough. Let’s hope its not any time soon.

5) Airfryer – I have a Ninja Airfryer. And it is amazing. I have had other brands over the years but I liked the different features the Ninja offered so when it came to that time to upgrade I jumped ship to the Ninja range. I particularly like the fact that it has a dehydrate option. I love crisps but they are so bad for you! I chop up a potato, season and layer in the airfryer. It takes about 4-5 hours and voila….homemade crisps. I also cook, bacon, sausages, chips, garlic bread, roast potatoes, roasted tomatoes….basically anything that can go in the oven I have cooked in this air fryer.

And thats it. My 5 favourite gadgets. Let me know in the comments what your top 5 kitchen gadgets are.

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2 thoughts on “FUNDAY SUNDAY – Kitchen Gadgets

    1. I have had several over the years but honestly I use the airfryer for so many things. From bacon and sausages to garlic bread! If it can go in the oven I cook it in my air fryer if I am pushed for time. Thank you for reading & please give us a like on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter if you are able to!

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