The Fry Up

Good morning. How are we all this Sunday? Here at Quids In Cooking Towers we are still in T3 lockdown so not much to do other than relax today.

This morning I had a bit of a treat and I had a full English fry up made by Mr Quids In Cooking himself. It was delicious. And i do believe things always taste better when they are cooked by someone else!

What makes a fry up for you? This was not a planned breakfast so we were missing a couple of things but it was delicious non the less. Normally we would go all out and have mushrooms, potato cakes, hash browns, bacon, beans, eggs, sausages, tinned tomatoes, toast and of course Mr Q would have black pudding. Fry ups are funny things as I would quite happily have one at any time of the day. Sometimes we even have it as a dinner if we have left over bacon and sausages from the week.

The great thing about the fry up is you can customise it to your tastes, if you are a vegetarian, try omitting the meat and adding some halloumi and avocado. If you don’t like eggs, you don’t need to have them. Cook what makes you happy! Cook what makes you finish your plate, put your knife and fork down and think that was right blooming delicious.

The key to a good fry up is the timing. Making sure everything comes out hot and at the same time. Its a bit like making a roast dinner in that aspect. So if you are struggling with timing the Quids In Cooking top tip of the day is to write a list of all the ingredients and work back how long each item takes. Use your phone to set timers for each item to help you make sure everything comes out perfect.

The Fry Up – Poached eggs, chilli beans, tomatoes, smoked back bacon, chipolata sausages and wholemeal toast.

Serves 2

4 Rashers Smoked Back Bacon – £0.59
4 Chipolata Sausages – £0.43
1 Tin Baked Beans – £0.31
1 Tin chopped or plum tomatoes £0.28
4 Slices wholemeal bread toasted & buttered – £0.20
4 eggs – £0.48
Pinch of Chilli – £0.05

Total Cost – £2.34
Price per serving – £1.17

1) Preheat the oven to 200c

2) Prepare your ingredients.
2.1) Open baked beans and tomatoes and empty contents into two pans.  Place on hob
2.2) Cover a baking tray in foil and add your bacon. 
2.3) Add a dash of oil to a roasting tray and add your sausages
2.4) Crack your eggs into 4 separate ramekins
2.5) Place your bread in the toaster so you can push the leaver down when you are ready. 
2.6) Boil the kettle

3) Place the roasting tray with sausages into the oven and set a timer for 10 minutes.

4) At the 10 minute mark, turn the sausages by giving the pan a shake and then add the tray of bacon to the oven. Set another timer for 7 minutes.

5) Once your 7 minute time has sounded, turn the bacon, feel free to give your sausages another shake and set a timer for 5 minutes.

6) Ignite your burners (or turn them on if electric) and turn to a low to medium heat. Cooking your tomatoes and beans through. Don’t forget to stir occasionally. If you want to add a kick to your beans add a pinch of chilli flakes whilst cooking.

7) Take a shallow frying pan or wok and add around 2 inches of the boiling water. Bring to the boil and then reduce to a very low simmer. Holding your ramekins close the water slowly drop the eggs into the water one at a time equally spaced apart. They should take around 5 minutes to cook, and every now and then take a spoonful of the boiling water and gently pour over the top of the eggs to cook the surface.

8) Press the toaster leaver down and get your plates ready to serve your meal.

9) Once the timer has gone off remove bacon and sausages from oven, checking both are cooked thoroughly. Remove the eggs from the water with a slotted spoon and place on a paper towel allowing the water to drain off. The egg whites should be cooked through. Plate up the beans and tomatos and butter your toast. Remove eggs from paper towels and place on plate. Voila. Breakfast is served.

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