You are NOT alone

So that is Christmas 2020 done, its been a weird one this year normally we have 9 people over for Christmas day, this year there were just 3 of us due to local restrictions. It was a lovely day but I missed the big gathering of family. We managed a mini zoom call with everyone and although that was slightly confusing at times with the grandparents it made Christmas that little bit more normal. I can honestly say Christmas 2020 will definitely be a Christmas i will never forget.

I know Christmas isn’t a joyous occasion for everyone. This time between Christmas and New Year isn’t always the best, people have suffered loss, are alone or simply are struggling with life.

Please remember you are NOT alone, if you are struggling this Christmas and New Year period and you need to talk to someone. There are plenty of people out there who can help. I have posted some details below and if this helps just one person it is worth posting.

Call – 116 123 – Samaritans open 24 hours a day 7 days a week & it is free to call.

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