New Year, New Start

2020 has been one of those years, when i look back it is so easy to remember the bad things, the global pandemic, the loss of lives, the terrible bushfires in Australia, the locusts in Africa, the celebrity deaths and the loss of jobs up and down the country. But plenty of good things, truly heartwarming things that bring a smile to your face have happened in 2020. Captain Sir Tom Moore turned 100 and raised nearly £40M for the NHS, the world united and protested that Black Lives Matter, Scotland made a drive to end period poverty and Marcus Rashford made the UK government U turn and made sure that no child would go hungry in the UK.

I haven’t posted many meals lately, mainly because the hubby and I have been living off Christmas leftovers and buffet food – yes, we had a buffet for 2 on boxing day & the day after boxing day, it was filled with lots of delicious picky bits, which if I am honest is my favourite meal. I love being able to eat a little bit of this and a little bit of that and I think we will be eating cheese and biscuits for days to come.

New year, new start. It is the time for resolutions, to evaluate your life and decide what changes you want to make.  I’m not sure why it always seems more possible to make life changes at the start of a new year, rather than just a Tuesday say, but the new year makes the possibilities seem endless.

Today I am planning for 2021. I have always been a collector of cookery books, a few years ago I signed up to a subscription service and each month I received a book based on a brand, i actually have no idea how much it cost me over the years and I have never really used them but I love to browse through every now and again for inspiration and i am going to find a more permanent home for them in my house. When I was younger my mum subscribed to a recipe card collection for me, there are hundreds and hundreds of cards and I haven’t looked at them in years either. I pulled the plastic case down off the kitchen cupboard this morning and I am sat with a brew going through and deciding what I can cook from these cards, so keep your eyes peeled next week for some delicious posts.

When I look back at 2020 I didn’t think I would end the year writing a food blog, posting meals and trying to help people and myself save money, but you know what, I thoroughly enjoy it. I absolutely love receiving comments from people who have read the blog or want to share a tip with me. That’s what i love about social media and the internet although there may be trolls lurking the majority of people have big hearts and enjoy taking the time to converse with others and cooking unites so very many people.

Looking forward to 2021, the vaccine for Covid-19 will be rolled out on mass meaning the vulnerable can start to socialise and we can return to a sense of normality. Quids in Cooking is also set to go through a few changes too. When I started Quids In Cooking, I quickly made the logo and the website. I wanted to get started and get my ideas out there but i haven’t been 100% in love with the branding and logo which is why we have partnered with a very talented design agency to rebrand in 2021. More to come on that in the future.

So from me and all at Quids In Cooking towers, thank you for your support in 2020. We wish you a very Happy New Year.

Love B x

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