Beef & Red Wine Stew

Recipe – Serves 4 – Total Cost £7.51 – Cost Per Serving £1.87

Stew is delicious any time of year but on a cold winters day when the rain is beating down on the windows there is nothing better than the aromas filling the house whilst it is cooking.

Personally I cook stew in my slow cooker. I have had it years, probably going on for 10 now. It was pretty cheap when I bought it, its nothing fancy. It has off, low, high and warm functions & that’s it. I must say though its been bloody brilliant. My husband also had one when we got together his was I think £12 on offer in a local supermarket and you know what it was no different to mine.

If you can invest in one kitchen appliance then I would honestly suggest a slow cooker. You can just pop everything in the pot. Switch it on and leave it to do its thing.

This beef stew recipe i have had written down in my recipe book for years, its fragrant and warming and gives your senses a hug.

You may be sat there thinking that stews are expensive. That they shouldn’t belong on this page but that isn’t the case. The great thing with a slow cooker is that you can batch cook one giant stew and divide and freeze. Adding more vegetables makes the stew stretch further whilst adding fantastic vitamins to keep you healthy. Its also a great replacement for a Sunday roast (or a Tuesday evening if you are like me)

Let’s talk ingredients

Couple of things to mention in the list below… Leek – I have put a rough weight in but use a couple of small ones or half a large one. The one I recieved on my shop weighed nearly 1kg so half of that will be making soup today. If you are not a fan of Leek then feel free to replace with a normal onion. Carrots & mushrooms – if you have a large slow cooker feel free to add more to bulk the meal out slightly. Puff Pastry – this is a treat of an addition to this dish. It isn’t a necessity but I bloody love pastry so why not. You can also make your own if you have a bit of time but if not pop some pre rolled ready made in your shopping basket. Finally wine – you don’t have to add this in but it gives a lovely rich flavour. The alcohol will evaporate during cooking but if you prefer to leave out then why not add a few drops of Worcestershire sauce to give the flavour a bit of oomph.

Recipe – Serves 4 – Total Cost £7.51 – Cost Per Serving £1.87

400g Diced Beef – £ 2.55
400g Leek washed and chopped – £0.70
187ml Red Wine – £1.50
400g chopped Tinned Tomatoes – £0.28
200g Button Mushrooms – £0.95
2 x Stock Cubes (Made to 1 Pint Stock) – £0.06
142g Tomato Puree – £0.28
3 Large Carrots – £ 0.12
2 Baking Potatoes – £0.10
Pinch of Salt – £0.01
Pinch of Black Pepper – £0.01
2 Garlic Cloves Finely Chopped – £0.05
375g Ready Rolled Puff Pastry – £0.90

1) Add the ingredients to slow cooker. Switch on low for 8-10 hours.

2) If gravy is a little thin for your taste thicken with gravy granules or corn flour.

3) Place into individual ovenproof serving bowls. Top with 1/4 of the puff pastry. Put in preheated oven at 200 degrees Celsius for 12 minutes until pastry is golden brown. Just a quick note here. You could just cook the pastry on a baking tray but I like the softness the gravy from the stew gives the underside of the pastry when cooking in the oven.

4) Serve with your favourite vegetables and some sweet pickled beetroot for good measure.

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