American Style Pancakes

Makes 10 Pancakes – Cost per batch – £0.22 Cost per pancake – £0.02

Cost per 4 pancakes including honey & peaches – £0.26

I do realise I have been awol for the last 4 months. I have taken some time for myself to gather my thoughts. If I am honest I haven’t cooked many adventurous things. I have mostly been cooking things that are easy to make, that I can just pop in the oven and not really think about. Mr Quids In Cooking has also taken the reins and done a lot of the evening meals as I have been too tired to function but I am now feeling somewhat better, my energy levels are on the rise and I can function slightly more normally.

Due to the miserable weather we are having at the moment, I decided breakfast would need to be something sweet and filling, a bit of a winter warmer (even though we are in May now) Something to tickle those tastebuds and start the day off right.

I know many of you will have seen my previous pancake posts, but today we are talking American style pancakes. Light and fluffy drizzled with honey.

These pancakes are so cheap to make. For the pancakes themselves you only need 3, yes you heard me right 3 ingredients and I am convinced that you probably have all 3 things in your kitchen right now.

The superb thing about these pancakes is that you can have them with whatever your heart desires. A spot of smoked bacon and maple syrup, scrambled eggs and sausages, or like me honey and peaches. If you fancy you can even make these as a dessert and serve with whipped cream and chocolate sauce, marshmallows and ice cream the possibilities are truly endless.


1 Cup Self Raising Flour – £0.03
1 Cup Milk – £0.11
1 Large Egg – £0.07
1 Tin Peaches – £0.31
Honey – £0.42

1) Whisk the flour, milk and egg together, if you are lazy like me bang it in the blender and voila pancake mix. The mixture should be quite thick so don’t be tempted to add more liquid.

2) Heat a large non stick frying pan and add a drop of oil if you desire. I personally don’t as it is actually extra not needed calories & if your pan is truly non stick you shouldn’t need it.

3) Pour a blob of pancake mixture to one side of the pan and then then repeat on the other side. You want to pour out enough so it is similar in circumference to the rim of an 11oz mug.

4) Watch the pancakes carefully, you may at this point need to turn the heat down to medium. Watch the pancakes for bubbles. Once they start to bubble using a spatula flip the pancakes over and cook on the other side. Keeping an eye out on the base so they don’t burn.

5) Remove from pan and repeat until all mixture has been used up.

6) Butter each pancake if you wish and drizzle over the delicious sweet honey. Serve with 1/4 tin of peaches or your choice of topping.

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