I love to cook and bake, it is something I have enjoyed since school (a long time ago now!) My mum taught me how to cook all her recipes when I was younger and all those necessary basics that i find a lot of people don’t even know now.

I am not a chef. It was a dream when I was younger but I remember my parents telling me about how hard it was and you have to start of on the bottom rung of the ladder. I think they thought being a chef would discourage me from enjoying what I love doing and to be honest they probably thought I wouldn’t make it as I hate being told what to do in the kitchen. The ultimate goal when I grow up would to be to own a cafe, serve beautiful sandwiches and homemade cakes with tantalising coffee aromas swooping across the air…

Even though I longed for a house with a huge kitchen and an island with one of those sinks in the middle to rinse your vegetables next to the hob, its not what we ended up with. My kitchen is small, my appliances are all out on the worktops, my cupboards are packed with all things cooking and baking and there is very little room to manoeuver. But I love it. It is my happy place, my cave of wonders, my never-never land.

So what has prompted me to start a blog, one about cooking and saving those precious pennies? 2020 has been one of the strangest years on record and the world has gone to pot. This isn’t a political blog and i won’t share my views on this or that as this is not the place. What made me start this blog was thinking how could we survive on one salary? Once we have paid out for the mortgage and all the bills what would we have left for food and how would we make it work without living off toast for the rest of our days.

I have always cooked for pleasure, I have cooked things that tickle my taste buds and dishes that look delicious but I never really had to think about cost, that has had to change.  I am now batch cooking meals, costing out food shops and having to stick to a budget. 

This isn’t a tale of oh woe is me… I am lucky but now I have to think… really think how much will this cost,  can I feed my family for £25 a week?  Can they still eat healthy and nutritious meals and be full until the next meal?

This blog is all about the trials and tribulations of doing so, exploring healthy low cost meals and low cost treats and sharing the wins and the epic fails!

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