Next Weeks Menu (WC 11.01.21)

As it is January one of the more depressing months of the year, here at Quids In Cooking towers we decided to have a review of what is in the freezers and cupboards to cut down on our shopping bill this week. We found we probably had enough for a week of evening meals ifContinue reading “Next Weeks Menu (WC 11.01.21)”

Deconstructed brunch wrap served with homemade salsa

I started the day off by de-christmasing the house. It is a bit sad really the living room looks so bare now but its good to get back to reality I guess. For the last week and a half I have been living in that strange period of time where you don’t know what dayContinue reading “Deconstructed brunch wrap served with homemade salsa”

FUNDAY SUNDAY – Kitchen Gadgets

Happy Sunday to all, I hope everyone is having a good one, whatever you may be doing. You don’t need many kitchen gadgets to be able to cook healthy low cost meals. But I love them…. I am a bit of a kitchen gadget and appliance fiend. You name it I probably own it orContinue reading “FUNDAY SUNDAY – Kitchen Gadgets”

FUNDAY SUNDAY – What is in your camera roll?

I am a bit of a worrier. I always worry that I am going to say the wrong thing or post the wrong picture to the wrong group on Facebook or in particular on this blog. I don’t know why! It is an irrational fear I guess, that one day I will post a foodContinue reading “FUNDAY SUNDAY – What is in your camera roll?”