The Humble Potato

Potatoes are a thing of wunder. I don’t mean to sound too theatrical but they are. How many other vegetables out there can you use in such an multitude of ways? Chips, baked, hassleback, mashed, loaded, gratin, roasted, dauphinoise…. this list goes on. I just read an article that said “potato is the kitchen gift that keeps on giving” and you know what. They are not wrong.

Soft vs Crispy – Baked or Jacket Potatoes for me need to be crispy on the outside and utterly soft and delicious on the inside.

White vs Sweet – For me it depends on the topping! If I am having Beans and Cheese, its a bog standard white potato. If I am having pulled pork, it has to be a sweet potato.

Toppings – The great thing about jacket potatoes is the endless toppings you can have on them. Beans and cheese, tuna and mayo, coleslaw, pulled pork, chicken curry, vege chilli and salsa, creamy garlic mushrooms the list could go on and on.

I am going to cost out both options today, both the white and sweet with Cheese and Beans.

1 Large Baking Potato – £0.11
200g Baked Beans – £0.15
30g Cheddar Cheese – £0.13
Knob of butter – £0.03

Total cost per serving – £0.42

1 Large Sweet Potato – £0.25
200g Baked Beans – £0.15
30g Cheddar Cheese – £0.13
Knob of butter – £0.03

Total cost per serving – £0.56

Let me know in the comments your favourite baked potato topping!

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